Help for Hazel

Honey bees bring joy to the otherwise pretty damn bleak life of a bedridden person.

working together to bring healing and hope

Bee Dreams

Hazel has been through a lot of trauma, and often she has horrible nightmares, but when she has happy dreams, they are usually about bees.

Bee larvae sealed in cells must be aware of the buzz of the hive around them, feeding them and helping them grow. Just as the hive works together, and the health of each bee contributes to the health of the whole community, we’re working together to care for a very severely-ill neuro-immune disease patient.

Hazel’s bedridden and in terrible pain 24-7, and has been for half of her 26 years, but she knows there are people who care, and she’s grateful for their help.

Thank you for working to help Hazel stay alive, and helping her hope to one day thrive. This site is kept up by Hazel’s primary caregiver. Please visit her friend and additional caregiver Heather’s fundraising site for more information about ways to help.