About This New Blog

Welcome. This is a new blog by an old blogger. A brief explanation why.

I’ve been blogging almost as long as my offspring and I’ve been sick

(because a friend, hearing my strange tales, urged me to start blogging)

which is now close to thirteen years—-

and I had a fairly large following—-


But, but, but. 

Well, I was trying to blog about one illness so I had named my blog after that illness, and it turns out that what we have is many complex chronic illnesses. 

So that single-disease focus doesn’t really fit. 


it’s not really a “plus” so rather


my offspring is so terribly sick I had to start crowd-funding for their care


I started an additional blog linked to my initial blog, focusing on their needs


But, but, but,

I was trying, in that blog, to tell their story, not mine. 


I was fundraising for them, not for me


it made sense to me at the time, to try to convey to reader/donor people 

what my offspring’s life must be like. 

(not good). 

And that’s all true but it’s not for me to tell another person’s story, really. 

No, not even the story of the child of my own body, perhaps especially not.

And so,

in this new blog, I will try to tell my story, of my life with complex chronic illness, 

and of me caregiving for an offspring with more severe complex chronic illness. 

As for the fundraising?

That’s still desperately important

and a bigger job than I, 

in my incapacitated capacity, 

am capable of encompassing

…and besides due to bureaucratic inanities direct fundraising for Hazel’s outstanding medical needs could jeopardize Hazel’s disability income which is tiny enough already so…





and henceforth

the fundraising blog is elsewhere!

A very kind professional caregiver who has become our amazing friend or practically family

(except possibly better than family since she’s willing to do these things)

a person very close to us and intimately acquainted with our situation

none other than the amazing Heather Greer has taken the

fundraising effort upon herself, in her own new blog,

which you can read here:


Please, please do visit and please do help.

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