Reina’s Service needs Support!

I have to report a big blow to Hazel’s tiny finances: Hazel’s service dog, Reina, has very low thyroid. The vet visit and testing has already cost terribly more than we can afford, and now Reina will need medications for the rest of her life, more testing soon to calibrate the dose, plus regular testing throughout her life to monitor the medication.

Service dog expenses aren’t covered by Hazel’s insurance, even though Reina provides so much support to Hazel, both physically and emotionally. When Hazel gets dizzy, Reina braces her. If Hazel falls or has trouble rising from sitting, Reina helps her up. And when Hazel is suffering from nightmares or an anxiety attack, Reina is there providing comfort.

Reina can pick up and return dropped objects, and warn of intruders, and she can sense when a cuddle or a laugh is needed and provide just the right nuzzle or funny caper. Hazel’s life is extremely confined, restricted, and would be bleak without the companionship of Reina.

Reina is essential to Hazel, so as Hazel’s human caregiver I’m asking if you can please help support her ongoing service. Please give whatever you’re able, to help us cover veterinary bills and keep Reina helping Hazel for many years to come. Once we’ve recovered initial veterinary expenses, further donations will be deposited in Hazel’s ABLE account, for ongoing needs.

To help, please use the “Donate Now” button on the upper left at Hazel’s other caregiver’s blog… Thank you!

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